About the Library

Resources to enrich the community around us.

In 1914, Mr. A.K. Hawkes of Atlanta died and left $7,500 to 5 towns in Georgia to build libraries for children. Cedartown was one of the ones selected.

Cedartown got off to a slow start, , one reason being World War I. Mr. J.E. Purks and Mr. Charles Adamson were instrumental in getting people interested in building a library. Enough money was raised to build a $30,000 library for both adults and children.

The Cedartown Cotton and Export company gave the land for the library.

On September 12, 1921 Hawkes Children’s Library was opened. Through the years the library has grown and expanded. In 1974, Hawkes Children’s Library moved to the New City Complex and became known as the Cedartown Library.